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The latest news about Catalina’s campaign and our community.

State of Politics

Stringer Endorses Cruz For Assembly

| by Nick Reisman

Democratic candidate for Assembly Catalina Cruz on Monday was endorsed by New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer.

Cruz is running for the Democratic nomination in the 39th district.

“We are proud to welcome Comptroller Scott Stringer to our campaign. He has been an effective advocate for working people and small businesses. He has been on the forefront of protecting integrity in government and making corporations accountable for their actions,” Cruz said. “I am honored to have his support and I look forward to working closely with him to make New York an even better place to live, work, raise a family, and retire.”

Cruz, who was born in Colombia and arrived in Queens when she was 9, would be the first DREAMer elected to the state Legislature.

“I’m so honored and excited to put my support behind Catalina Cruz for NYS Assembly. As a Dreamer she is a shining example of the American Dream. An example of what can happen when we give immigrant communities a fair shot at realizing that dream,” Stringer said.

“As a lawyer and former council Chief of Staff she has fought for others to have a fair shot at the dream too. A lifelong advocate, Catalina has been committed to serving this community from fighting unscrupulous landlords in housing court, to passing legislation protecting workers’ and immigrants’ rights. Catalina is deeply qualified to represent this community in Albany. She is the leader we need and I am proud to stand by her.”