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Jackson Heights Post

Jackson Heights, Elmhurst, Corona Residents Largely Voted For Ocasio-Cortez Over Crowley, Results Show

June 27, 2018 | by Nathaly Pesantez

The majority of Jackson Heights, Corona, and Elmhurst residents who voted in Tuesday’s staggering Democratic primary cast their votes for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez over Rep. Joe Crowley, according to election data.

The votes recorded in Tuesday’s election were divided by the New York City Board of Elections into Assembly Districts and then further into election districts, providing a rough breakdown of how the election played out on a neighborhood scale.

Of the 2,689 total votes cast in parts of Assembly District 39 that overlap with Congressional District 14, including Jackson Heights, Corona, and Elmhurst, 1,646 went to Ocasio-Cortez, with Crowley receiving 1,033 votes. A total of 10 votes were write-in candidates.

The votes tallied in Assembly District 39 came from 37 election districts divided fairly evenly between the 11372, 11373, and 11368 zip codes.

In parts of Jackson Heights covering both Assembly District 39 and District 14, for example, Ocasio-Cortez received roughly 978 votes compared to 570 for Crowley, a difference of 408 votes.

Voters in parts of Elmhurst also favored Ocasio-Cortez over Crowley, with roughly 373 votes going to her, and 203 recorded for Crowley.

In Corona, about 295 votes were cast for Ocasio-Cortez compared to 260 for Crowley—a tight margin separated only by 35 votes.

Additionally, Ocasio-Cortez beat out Crowley in virtually every single election district within Assembly District 39, save for two that favored Crowley in Corona.

Long time incumbent Democrats, for example, might be inclined to adopt progressive agendas in order to stay on, or could be ousted entirely, as happened with Crowley.

In Assembly District 39, where a primary will take place in September, Ocasio-Cortez’ victory is already influencing the course of one candidate’s campaign.

Catalina Cruz, who is running to represent the district and will be up against incumbent Assemblymember Aridia Espinal, said in a statement that Ocasio-Cortez’s victory indicates a desire for new leadership.

“Like her, I am running a grassroots, community-driven campaign centered on progressive policies,” Cruz said.

She added: “The people of this community want a new direction and want a real choice in electing their representation. Ocasio-Cortez’s victory gives people hope that even if you don’t have money or powerful connections – a candidate can still win if they engage the community with a plan of action that speaks to the needs of the people.”

Espinal, who endorsed Crowley in the Democratic primary, did not respond to a request for comment on Ocasio-Cortez’s win and how the vote played out in her district.

source: https://jacksonheightspost.com/jackson-heights-elmhurst-corona-residents-largely-voted-for-ocasio-cortez-over-crowley-results-show