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Keep Housing Affordable

New York City has an affordability crisis. Catalina understands how to fix it.

New York is experiencing an affordability crisis. The Corona-Elmhurst-Jackson Heights area remains one of the top 10 most overcrowded communities in New York City. Higher rents, combined with insufficient income, often forces families in our community into overcrowded living conditions, creating health and safety risks, as well as negatively impacting cognitive and behavioral development of children. For many, overcrowding is also the precursor to homelessness.

To combat this crisis, we must:

Establish a state-funded “Right to Counsel” initiative to provide representation for tenants.

Repeal vacancy deregulation, stop vacancy bonuses, and end MCI’s (major capital improvements)

Mandate that landlords renew rent-stabilized leases at the preferential rent level until the voluntary end of the tenancy.

Ensure that all affordable housing remains permanently affordable by tying it to any incentives provided to developers.

Prevent and reduce the need for transitional housing by increasing funding for holistic programs (tenant organizing and education, legal services, employment, and mental health services) for families and individuals at risk of homelessness.