I will stand up to Donald Trump and fight the Republican agenda of racism, sexism, and xenophobia. But I can't do it alone. It’s going to take strong grassroots campaign to defeat the powerful interests that have lined up against us.


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Support Immigrants

New York State must provide protections for our community from Trump’s policies.

The 39th Assembly district has one of the largest immigrant communities in New York City. Although New York state has made strides to support immigrants, the current political climate demands that more be done. We must enact stronger policies and laws that integrate immigrants and establish true sanctuary state policies that protect their rights:

• Ensure due process for all by securing $100 million over the next five years to fully fund immigrant legal services, and ensure that immigrant families can stay together by providing them with representation in: removal processings, applications for TPS, DACA, asylum, and refugee status.

• Protect the constitutional rights of immigrants by passing the New York State Liberty Act, ending the policies that allow the state government to share fingerprint information with federal agencies, no longer hold undocumented immigrants in detention for longer than 48 hours, and stop permitting ICE in our state courts.

• Provide driver licenses for all New Yorkers, regardless of immigration status, ensuring the safety of pedestrians and providing a valid form of identification for all New Yorkers.

• Meet the educational needs of immigrant communities by passing the DREAM Act, expanding access to the Excelsior Scholarship, and increasing funding for ESOL and adult literacy programs to $100 million dollars over the next five years.

• Expand the Office of New Americans by creating Immigrant Welcome & Integration Centers that provide entrepreneurial services, legal assistance, know-your-rights information, and social services.