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Medicare For All

Universal, single-payer health care can be a reality in New York.

The top health ailments in the 39th district continue to be heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and respiratory diseases, including flu and pneumonia. While mental health issues are not prioritized and often go untreated. Additionally, under the existing health care system there are thousands of healthcare organizations involved in the provision and payment of services- creating a confusing and expensive system, where the costs are passed down to the patient/consumer. In order to create a healthier district, we must:

• Expand existing health programs to provide holistic community based services that truly address the underlying causes of physical and mental health afflictions of our community.

• Establish a true Single Payer healthcare in New York state, where costs can be cut down significantly. Under this system a single government entity, and not private insurance companies, would pay medical bills. This system would be funded by taxes and not payroll deductions or disposable income.