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Fix The MTA

Subways and Buses are failing our community. Catalina has a plan.

The decline of the MTA did not happen overnight. For more than 30 years, funding for the system (including funding for capital projects) has been cut at the state and city level. Ridership has increased, while maintenance spending has declined, directly impacting the MTA’s on-time performance and creating a legacy of lateness. The Authority is now almost completely reliant on fares, tolls, and revenue from taxes and fees earmarked for transit- while existing debt obligations balloon.

Working families in our community rely on public transportation to get to work, to get to school, to get around our city. The never-ending delays on trains and buses are costing us our livelihood. Short and long term solutions are needed in order to provide New Yorkers with the quality of service they deserve and have paid for over the decades:

• The MTA must work to immediately decrease the existing times allotted for repairs to be made, and concentrate on repairs that affect on time ridership, rather than cosmetic upgrades.

• The MTA, as it exists must be broken up into several agencies capable of managing smaller systems. Control over the City’s transit system (train and buses) must be handed over to New York City.

• The existing debt must be restructured to facilitate free cash flow and allow for spending on repairs.