I will stand up to Donald Trump and fight the Republican agenda of racism, sexism, and xenophobia. But I can't do it alone. It’s going to take strong grassroots campaign to defeat the powerful interests that have lined up against us.


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I can’t do this alone. Our coalition of support is growing everyday.

“I am proud to endorse Catalina Cruz because she has the experience and the vision to be a leader for our community in Albany. Catalina is a true fighter. The grassroots coalition she is building reminds me of my own insurgent campaign in 2009. We both understand that with people power, anything is possible. I am excited to support Catalina's historic candidacy and I look forward to working with her to deliver on the changes our community deserves.”

Daniel Dromm, City Council Member (D-Jackson Heights-Elmhurst)

“I’m so honored and excited to put my support behind Catalina Cruz for NYS Assembly. As a Dreamer she is a shining example of the American Dream. An example of what can happen when we give immigrant communities a fair shot at realizing that dream. As a lawyer and former council Chief of Staff she has fought for others to have a fair shot at the dream too. A lifelong advocate, Catalina has been committed to serving this community from fighting unscrupulous landlords in housing court, to passing legislation protecting workers’ and immigrants’ rights. Catalina is deeply qualified to represent this community in Albany. She is the leader we need and I am proud to stand by her.”

Comptroller Scott Stringer

“The best way to send a message to Trump and fight back against his divisive and dangerous agenda, is to empower the very same people he tries to undermine. That means electing people like Catalina Cruz, a DREAMer, to the New York State Assembly. She is a true and tested advocate for America’s immigrant communities and I’m confident she will make New Yorkers proud by fighting relentlessly for our most vulnerable. I’m proud to endorse Catalina and fully support her historic campaign.”

Congressman Luis Gutierrez (D-IL)

“Catalina Cruz has the vision and the experience necessary to become an outstanding member of the State Assembly. I have personally witnessed her passion for social and economic justice and her unique ability to produce results. I’m confident she will accomplish even greater things in the State Assembly and I support her enthusiastically.”

Melissa Mark-Viverito, Speaker of the New York City Council (2014-2017)

“Catalina Cruz is an incredibly effective advocate for working-class New Yorkers, immigrants, and seniors. I’m proud to endorse her because she’s an inclusive leader that knows how to bring people together to get things done. That’s why I’m confident she’s the right person to represent the diverse communities of Elmhurst, Jackson Heights, and Corona in the State Assembly.”

Margaret Chin , City Council Member (D-Chinatown)

“Catalina Cruz is leading a people powered movement for progressive values. She is a DREAMer who will be a powerful voice for immigrants and the undocumented in Albany at a time when our state desperately needs leaders. She is experienced, forceful, and determined. I am proud to endorse Catalina Cruz for New York State Assembly.”

Jimmy Van Bramer, City Council Member (D-Sunnyside, Woodside, Long Island City)

“I am endorsing Catalina Cruz because we need new leadership in Queens. Catalina is a proven leader for the community who has delivered results for tenants, immigrants, and workers. She will fight hard in Albany to finally bring home the resources her community needs and deserves. Catalina will be a powerful and welcome addition to the State Assembly.”

Donovan Richards, City Council Member (D-Queens)

“I'm so inspired and proud to endorse Catalina Cruz, who is running for office on a fearless, progressive campaign that is going to bring real change to Albany. We need people like Catalina in the Assembly who will listen to her constituents, fix our subways, keep housing affordable, and help to finally pass universal health care and the DREAM Act.”

Carlina Rivera, City Council Member (D-Lower East Side)

“Catalina Cruz is the champion we need in Albany who understands the urgency of our times. Protecting our immigrant families is not a slogan or campaign issue. As an Assembly Member, immigrants living in New York will have a fierce fighter in their corner. I’m proud to endorse Catalina for State Assembly."

Carlos Menchaca, City Council Member (D-Brooklyn)

"Catalina Cruz has a comprehensive and sensible plan to protect tenants from being pushed out and to provide the necessary resources for families at risk of homelessness. Catalina’s platform is indicative of that type of campaign she is running. She’s exactly the type of leader that is needed in Albany - one who will fight tooth and nail to protect our city’s most vulnerable communities. I’m excited to support her housing platform and her candidacy for the State Assembly.”

Mark Levine, City Council Member (D-Manhattan)

“It is exciting to endorse a hard-working, smart woman like Catalina Cruz to serve the public. I've worked with Catalina and seen her work ethic up close. She is the best choice to address the serious issues of her district and the city. She will be effective in fighting for tenants by returning control of rent regulated apartments back to NYC. She will be an effective advocate for women, immigrants, and straphangers. I am confident that Catalina will be a key part of bringing solutions to NYC.”

Helen Rosenthal, City Council Member (D-Manhattan)

“Catalina Cruz is exactly the leader we need in Albany to advocate for our community. I have worked closely with her for years and I know she will be a powerful force for justice in the State Assembly. For decades, Catalina has been a leader for our community and someone who has fought hard to keep people in their homes and keep families united.”

Julissa Ferreras-Copeland, City Councilwoman who represented the area from (2009-2017)

"We believe Cruz has both the vision and experience needed to serve this diverse and changing district well. That’s why we endorse her for the 39th Assembly District. On September 13, we urge you to vote for Catalina Cruz."

Queens Ledger

NYPAN, the New York Progressive Action Network, was founded by grassroots organizations that had formed during the Bernie Sanders campaign in New York. Volunteers in these organizations, many of them entirely new to politics, became heavily involved in their communities, built networks and made lasting friendships. NYPAN is proud to endorse Catalina Cruz for New York State Assembly, District 39.

NYPAN (NY Progressive Action Network)

People for Bernie is a collective formed before Bernie Sanders announced his candidacy for President. We are committed to progressive principles and seek to use social media and good organizing to marry the best of movement politics, electoral organizing and cultural strategies.

People for Bernie

Citizens Union prefers Catalina Cruz in this race because her detailed knowledge of state government and the nuance of her ideas makes her the candidate best positioned to advance reform.

Citizens Union

“UAW Region 9A and its approximately 30,000 members are proud to endorse Catalina Cruz for the State Assembly, because she represents many of our core values. In Catalina we will have a fighter who will advocate for us when we need her to. She has been an effective leader on workers rights, immigrants rights and the effort to protect and expand affordable housing. We are excited about Catalina’s people-powered platform and I know we can count on her to continue fighting for social and economic justice on behalf working-class New Yorkers.” - UAW Region 9A Director Beverley Brakeman

United Auto Workers (Region 9)

LIUNA Local 78 represents asbestos, lead and hazardous waste handlers in New York City, Long Island and New Jersey. The Local’s 4,000 members are the hard-working employees for nearly 200 signatory environmental contractors, performing 90% of all asbestos removal in the area.

Liuna Local 78

“In Catalina Cruz, the members of Unite Here! Local 100 have a tireless champion we can count on to protect our rights and fight for our values. She has proven her long-standing commitment to our workers, having delivered workshops such as know-your-rights presentations and participating on our first Food, Beverage and Retail Services workers conference providing information that have served to empower our members and their families. Our membership is confident in Catalina’s ability to advocate for us in Albany and we are proud to support her for State Assembly.” - José Maldonado, Unite Here! Local 100 Secretary-Treasurer. “

Unite Here Local 100

"We are thrilled to announce that for State Assembly District 39 our members voted to endorse Catalina Cruz"

Stonewall Democratic Club of NYC

“Catalina Cruz represents the best of Queens. She is the most experienced and qualified candidate to represent our LGBTQ community in Albany,” said Bruce Friedman, vice president of the Lesbian and Gay Democratic Club of Queens. “We look forward to helping her get elected in September and working closely with her as our next State Assemblywoman.”

Lesbian and Gay Democratic Club of Queens

"Catalina Cruz is a DREAMer who will make immigration justice a priority. Catalina's experience and commitment to public service ensures that she will make Assembly District 39 a better place for all New Yorkers regardless of immigration status. We enthusiastically endorses Catalina Cruz for the State Assembly." - Ali Najmi, Board Member of the Muslim Democratic Club of New York.

Muslim Democratic Club of New York

“Catalina is smart, focused on the issues that people in her community care about, and ready to lead. We're proud to endorse her,” said Jesse Laymon, Citizen Action Board Member. "We are confident she will be a powerful advocate for working people in the New York State Assembly.”

Citizens Action

"NASW-NYC's Political Action for Candidate Election (PACE) Committee is excited to endorse Catalina Cruz, a DREAMer and strong advocate for immigrant, workers and women's rights for Assembly District 39. As an experienced attorney and organizer at the local and state level, social workers and New Yorkers can be certain that Ms. Cruz will fight for those of us who are most vulnerable with passion and expertise." - Brian Romero, Chair of NASW-NYC PACE

National Association of Social Workers PACE-NYC

“Catalina Cruz is precisely the type of legislator we need in Albany to fight back President Trump’s hateful rhetoric and destructive policies. She is a natural born leader who will fight tirelessly for New York’s vulnerable communities. We can count on her to be an advocate for women’s rights, including the unfettered right to an abortion, immigrant rights, and to be a true champion for LGBTQ equality.” - Allen Roskoff, Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club President.”

Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club

“The New Visions Democratic Club is proud to endorse Catalina Cruz for Assembly. A proven fighter and fearless leader, she has used her formidable experience in government and grassroots activism to ensure that the voices of the most vulnerable in our neighborhood are heard. A DREAMer herself, Catalina understands firsthand the struggles that many immigrant families face living in this country. She will be a relentless advocate in Albany for our communities at this crucial political moment. It is high time that the first DREAMer is elected to office in New York State, and we will fight right by Catalina’s side to ensure that happens.” - Shekar Krishnan, President, New Visions Democratic Club.

New Visions Democratic Club

New Queens Democrats is a progressive, grassroots organization advocating for transparency, inclusionary democracy, and accountability within the Queens Democratic Party. We are proud to endorse Catalina Cruz for State Assembly.

New Queens Democrats

Women of Color for Progress (WCP) is a multi-strategy political organization founded by women of color for women of color. We are excited to support Catalina Cruz.

Women of Color for Progress

"We support Catalina Cruz on the basis of her progressive record and excellent response on the NYC Kids PAC education survey on issues ranging from mayoral control, testing, charter schools, to class size and overcrowding."


@AmplifyHerNYC is working to dismantle the systems of power that keep qualified women from winning elected office. Catalina Cruz is one of our 2018 endorsed candidates because she is a brilliant organizer who is advocating with her communities for progressive change.

Amplify Her

"We’re confident that Catalina Cruz will help change the State Assembly into a legislative body that actually cares about the safety of our streets, and the efficacy of our vital public transportation system."


The EQNY PAC Endorsement Committee is proud to announce that we’re endorsing Catalina Cruz for Assembly! We know that you’ll stand up for our community in Albany and will advance pro-LGBTQI policies in the State Legislature.

Equality New York

Arena NYC recognizes Catalina Cruz as a fellow and is eager to activate the next generation of civic leaders.

Arena NYC Fellow